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With as low as #1000 and an internet enabled device you are good to go.

How to fund www.xpinomoney.com

Send the fund into this accounts:

Xpino Systems Solutions

Gtbank: 0477196810


Dial: *402*94504542*amount# .

1. Visit https://xpinomoney.com/user/wallet. Click My Account, Add Money, ENTER AMOUNT, CHOOSE PAYMENT METHOD, then PROCEED.

2. Inform us via whatsapp of the notification. Verified payments will be approved immediately. Screenshot is an added advantage to speedy wallet activation)

See: https://youtu.be/BxGzM_ccCvk

Note: The portal has 5 levels, namely: Reseller, Partner, Investor, Boss and Elite.

-Reseller level is the free level on the portal, every new signup is in this level until the user decides to upgrade. Minimum wallet funding is #1000

-Resellers can decide to upgrade to Partner levels with #500 in order to get cheaper items. Minimum wallet funding for Resellers is #1000 while for Partners is #2000

– Mini-INVESTOR: This is a special level. Upgrade fee is #1000. It is for investors who do not want to have a website (yet) Minimum wallet funding depends on if they stay in Investor level or decided to be placed in Boss or Elite level, as long as they can cope with the minimum funding requirement. These ones can decide to place order for their websites if they wish for one.

-The Investor level comes with a personal reseller portal. The portal is customized to carry the desired name of the Investor. The Investor will recruit his/her own vendors and make nice income from their activation fees. Minimum wallet funding is #5000

-The Boss level is for investors who can meet up with minimum wallet funding of #10000. They get the cheaper prices on XpinoMoney.

-The Elite level is for investors who can meet up with minimum wallet funding of #20000. They get the cheapest prices on XpinoMoney.

You can open a vtu reseller portal like XpinoMoney at the rate of #30000 or #15000

  • Re-sellable discounts on all VTU/Airtime.
  • Competitive prices on MTN SME Data (Between #300 and #349)
  • Instant data top up for MTN, Glo, 9mobile and Airtel
  • Unrestricted access to the pocket friendly Xpino’s SBR data promos
  • Up to 15%-25% discount on SBR’s Data Bundles
  • Cheap bulk SMS with same charge for all networks.
  • Pay subsidized fees on instant bill payments (DStv/Gotv/Startimes) instead of N100.
  • WAEC result PIN checker
  • Electricity Bills payment
  • Unlimited user accounts system to set up your own discount and prices for different users. Opportunity to create loads of re-sellers and make more money.
  • The activation fees your users pay is already a sweet return on investment. You collect activation fee till time will end.  (wink)
  • A flexible and simple wallet based system. This makes it easy for your registered customers to fund their wallets on your website. Your users can fund their wallets with MasterCard, Verve card, Visa card, QR code etc. with these options, your wallet funding is automated; your users can comfortably fund their wallets even when you are asleep.
  • Well composed user manual on how to operate and administer the portal even if you don’t have a laptop or pc.
  • Access to friendly and ever responsive customer support.
  • On request, we can build you a mobile app at discounted rate

1. Reg fee for SBR is #500. You will get half of the payment as referral bonus. (Contact our support agents on what SBR means)

2. Registration on XpinoMoney is free. You would have succeeded in helping someone get access to making money online.

3. Upgrade fee from Reseller to Partner is #500. You will get #200 as bonus

4. When you refer someone to become an investor, you will get #1000 as bonus

5. You get forever commissions on any sale your referral makes. The referral commission can be moved by you to your wallet anytime you wish to do so

Ensure your referrals use your registered phone number or referral link. This is a passive income that you can’t bare to miss

Referral/upgrade bonuses:

1. SBR = #250

2. Partner upgrade = #200

3. Investor
a. Mini-Investor = #300
b. Subdomain = #1000
c. Stand-alone = #2000

MTN : sme *461*4# or direct *131*4#
GLO : *127*0#
AIRTEL : *140#
9mobile : *228#

SBR: 0705 999 6993


SMS: 07058075235

1. Ensure the decoder is kept on
2. Ensure the package you are paying for is same as the one that is on the decoder
3. Advice your regular clients to avoid running sub till it expires.
4. If the decoder doesn’t show images within 10  minutes you or your client will call Multichoice/Startimes

Recharge pins are not available. 

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