Refer and earn on xpino money

We have a stress-free referral package for both active and passive users…


Registration fee for SBR is #500. You will get half of the payment as referral bonus.

Registration on XpinoMoney is free. You would have succeeded in helping someone get access to making money online.

Upgrade fee from Partner to Partner2 is #200. You will get #100 

Upgrade fee to Special Level is #500. You will get #200 as bonus.


If you refer an investor to own a vtu reseller portal you get either #1000 or #2000 bonus. 

You get forever commissions on any sale your referral makes… just ensure that the person uses your referral link when registering. The referral commission can be moved by you to your wallet anytime you wish to do so


Referral/upgrade bonuses:

  1. SBR= #250
  2. Partner2 upgrade= #100
  3. Upgrades to Special level gives a bonus of #200


  1. Investor
    Subdomain = #1000
    b. Stand-alone = #1500
  2. Portal owners get a bonus of #2000 when they refer another person to own a portal


Ensure your referrals use your registered phone number or referral link. This is a passive income that you can’t dare to miss

How to refer a newbie to XpinoMoney

1. Give the newbie your referral link

2. Ensure the newbie registers correctly

3. Clearly tell the newbie the difference between XpinoMoney and SBR.

4. Explain all levels on XpinoMoney to the newbie to guide him/her to make a choice.

5. Tell the newbie to chat with 08100042251 then mention your name.

Note that the portal will automatically credit you the Partner upgrade bonus ‘if the newbie had used your referral link to register’

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